British Columbia

Trip detail British Columbia

"Canada Dream" is one of the first Snow Life's journey along the "Powder Highway”, which crosses the Canadian Rockies: this offering makes us very proud as it is the result of many years of dedication and passion in the field. Our tour combines freeride days with ski lift systems, cat skiing, heli-skiing and backcountry in the mind-blowing British Columbia's locations.

  • / Freeride 5
  • / Snow 5
  • / Difficulty 4
  • / Scenery 4

Canada is no longer a dream: we offer an extraordinary experience along the “Powder Highway”, the road that connects all the pow-locations on the Canadian Rockies. A tour through mind-blowing landscapes made of endless woods and breathtaking mountains, as well as into the culture and attitude of awesome Canadian people.


Skiing in Canada has always been a dream and the one-of-a-kind holiday for anyone who looks for that very light snow that Canadian only call "champagne powder": Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie are just some of the locations we will visit and we get excited at every thought! “Canada Dream” is an exciting tour that combines freeride days with lift system in the main British Columbia resorts, Cat skiing, Heliskiing and ski mountaineering on Glacier National Park. It is a 360-degree experience for those who want to feel the true essence of Canada.

Our “Canada Dream” is a journey that takes you beyond the general meaning of Snow.


“A man does not live only on classic skiing, but also of pure adventures and breathtaking emotions where he feels so small and great at the same time”.

Heli-skiing was born in Canada: a day of heli-skiing here is a very different experience from skiing in the Alps: nature is impressively vast and slopes seem endless. Perhaps, heli-skiing in Canada is the true essence of what a free rider has ever dreamed.


Another perforce activity on our to-do-list is Cat skiing!

Cat skiing will be the highlight of the tour and participants will never forget this unique experience: from gentle to steeper slopes; endless woods of snow-glazed trees portray uncommon views for Europeans’ eyes. A snow cat will be available all the trip long and will take us to the top letting us enjoy untouched slopes.


Riding the high mountains of Canada is probably the dream every addicted snowboarder can realize: untouched slopes, perfect balance between trees, covered roots that look like huge snow-pillows make this environment the ideal spot to jump and have fun. Whether you are a skier or a rider, running down Canadian mountains is the closest thing to fly.