Lake Region

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Chile is the country of thousand naturalistic realities, whose geographical borders make it extraordinary. A tongue of land enclosed between the Pacific Ocean and the Cordillera of the Andes, which runs for 4200 kilometers from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Antarctic: a unique variety of landscapes, which is extraordinary as the land it belongs. Deep blue water, waterfalls and ancient forests and, most importantly, huge white-tipped volcanoes.

  • / Freeride 3
  • / Snow 3
  • / Difficulty 4
  • / Scenery 5

The tour starts from north of Temuco and continues along over 300 km to Puerto Montt, where beautiful lakes end and the landscape turns into the wilderness of northern Patagonia: Araucanie forests and snow-covered volcanoes.

The very first desire you feel is to “conquer” all the volcanoes you can see, because each of them is special and different from others, and once the first one is achieved, “there it goes with the next one" is the motto pushing you all the way to the following.

This is how a simple trip to Chile turns into the desire to live it at full.

Using modest lift system, we can reach the most interesting areas of the volcanoes, arrive the top, hike down to the snowy crater and go up again on the other side.

Despite all these wonders, we do not have to forget the original aim: Snow Life is here to offer the best ski spots and live authentic adventures.