Trip detail Honshu

If you are eager to challenge your skiing or snowboarding skills on perfect alpine style slopes, our trip to Honshu Island is the right choice. Here you find the Japanese Alps, which are mountains over 3000 meters high and meteorologically lucky thanks to the cold Siberian clouds that bring massive amount of snow and extremely low temperatures.

  • / Freeride 5
  • / Snow 5
  • / Difficulty 3
  • / Scenery 4

Honshu is the main island of Japan, the same land Tokyo and Kyoto belong. The territory has been scenario of all major Japanese historical events: the result is a very “zen” and authentic atmosphere, which leads you to experience a complete immersion into a beautiful and fascinating culture.

Big in Japan is the dream of those who want to really free ride in Japan. This is a journey for fine connoisseurs who are willing to live lifetime runs.

Precipitations in Honshu are so massive and quick that it is very common to wake up and find over 50 cm of powder covering the landscape all around you: these are perfect conditions for the most “deep” run ever experienced, with the snow level that can even reach your chest height!

The Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park is a must-see visit for those who do not want to miss monkeys running in the snow and enjoying the hot thermal springs.

The “Big in Japan” travel program is a renovated offering of Snow Life's original trip dating back to 2010, which has been improved according to our recent travels. Especially during our last trips, we discovered new amazing worthwhile itineraries, which makes this journey all alone a valuable experience.

To all those who want an even more complete experience, the trip can be extended: we offer 2-day visit to the fascinating Kyoto,which is the more traditional part of Japan plus other 2 days in Tokyo, which is instead the more modern and eccentric side of the country. With Snow Life your stay will turn into an unforgettable experience.

Tour n.2 is called “EXPLORER”. This is a special tour aiming to discover unknown areas in Japan. It is a more adventurous tour, which we recommend to those who have already travelled in Japan with Snow Life.