Trip detail Hokkaido

Skiing in Japan, especially in Hokkaido, is something completely different from anything you have ever experienced in the Alps. Hokkaido Mountains are not morphologically very impressive but the quality and quantity of snowfalls are massive and turn every single run into an incredible adventure. Over the past few years, freeride is synonymous with Japan and vice versa: this is the reason why all the most exciting freeride videos are shot here.

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Due to the clash between cold cloudy Siberian climate and the humid Pacific Ocean’s currents, in Japan it snows every day, or better, no more than 10 hours in a row pass without a snowfall.

In Japan, snow is a real cult and our aim is leading you through the same experience: Snow Life freeride tour in Japan is not simply a round-trip ticket to the other side of the world, but rather an opportunity to visit and live faraway destinations. According to this philosophy, Powder in Japan means a 360° experience. Vising only Niseko is reductive to us: Snow Life’s offer is instead a whole tour focused on Hokkaido areas. We will visit the most beautiful and authentic places on the island and literally sink into its deep snows as well as its fascinating culture. Snow Life takes you through a dreamlike and unforgettable journey to the unknown and undiscovered mountains of Japan.

Snow Life's first freeride trip to Japan dates back to 2008. However, the tour has evolved since then and our current offer, which is the result of years of travels, attempts, sweat and passion, makes us very proud of its uniqueness.

Given the particularity of the trip, we prefer working with small groups with just 6-7 people for each instructor rather than big groups. Our guides are freeride specialized ski and snowboard instructors: they know Japanese mountains perfectly as well as they can identify the best itineraries of different tour locations in order to be able to change route quickly and confidently during pow-days. Years of experience on the field allow us to arrange a flexible program by always having one or more backup plans in case of better weather conditions in other locations.

When the weather is good, we usually recommend one or two ski-mountaineering trips on the Japanese volcanoes (Yotei, Tokachidake) for those who want to enjoy breathtaking views and amazing runs.

Japanese ski resorts and backcountry in Hokkaido are quite safe due to the amount of woods that surround mountainsides and make the ride more intriguing. However, Safety is paramount and Snow Life’s first priority: avalanche equipment is compulsory.

To all those who want an even more complete experience, the trip can be extended: we offer 2-day visit to the fascinating Kyoto,which is the more traditional part of Japan plus other 2 days in Tokyo, which is instead the more modern and eccentric side of the country. With Snow Life your stay will turn into an unforgettable experience.