British Columbia-Unlimited

Trip detail British Columbia-Unlimited

Here is our new tour in Canada, “British Columbia-Unlimited” in the heart of the Kootenays Mountains: these mountains seem perfectly shaped to host Cat skiing and Heliskiing activities. Very frequent snowfalls and distance from the ocean are the perfect conditions to live the famous "Champagne powder", typical of Canadian locations. “B.C. Unlimited” is an intense and extraordinary tour, which combines less domestic trips than “B.C. Canada Dream”, and focuses only on one of the best areas of Canada.

  • / Freeride 5
  • / Snow 5
  • / Difficulty 4
  • / Scenery 4

"B.C. Unlimited" tour includes: 2 days of FREERIDE with lift system to warm up and get familiar with Canadian slopes and snows; 3 days of CAT SKIING with unlimited runs on dreamlike mountains everyone knows from best ski movies; 2 unforgettable days of HELISKIING unlimited with no restriction in altitude or number of runs. This only means: you can ski as long as your legs hold! A small group of four people + the guide is the key to really enjoy this experience and live it at best.

Finally, with good weather conditions we can drop 7/8000 meters of altitude in only ONE day!

The Kootenays region with its beautiful lakes and mountains is a very special part of Canada that we consider unique for its friendly people: surely, also this cultural aspect contribute to make the trip unforgettable.


Heli-skiing was born in Canada: a day of heli-skiing here is a very different experience from skiing in the Alps: nature is impressively vast and slopes seem endless. You wish the flight last longer to enjoy these breathtaking views: flying on these areas is already itself an experience you never forget. In a blink of an eye, the helicopter takes you to the top and you fly with skis and boards on untouched lines and endless slopes. This is the true essence of what a free rider has always dreamed. It is not a coincidence if the best riders on Planet have skied here!

Do not think about extreme runs of professional riders: we organized all in details to ensure a lifetime experience in extreme safety. As in previous tour, travelling with a small group with only 4 people + the guide makes the difference allowing to enjoy the day at the best. Since years, Snow Life relies on a local well-known agency that we consider the best in terms of safety, knowledge of the areas, choice of itineraries and works with very expert guides who know every single inch of these areas.


If you go to British Columbia, you cannot miss Cat skiing!

After many years of travels on the Canadian Rockies, Snow Life has selected 2 among the best cat skiing local companies for professionalism, quality, variety and size of working areas. From gentle to steeper slopes; endless woods of snow-glazed trees portray uncommon views for Europeans’ eyes. A snow cat will be available all the trip long and will take us to the top letting us enjoy untouched slopes. An experience you will always remember!